Student Rates

Terms and Conditions

I believe it is of utmost importance that new teachers have access to this information before they start teaching, therefore, I have a few options to allow student teachers to access this information before they start their career. These are outlined below:

1. Our self-paced course has a student option which is over a 25% discount – $97 $70 – you can find information at

2. Wait for our next intake for the intensive course $279 $139. This is a 50% discount.

3. Enroll in the self-paced course now (at the discounted rate) and at enrollment time for the intensive course only pay the difference of $69.

4. Have group of friends who would like to do a Voice for Teachers intensive course as a group? I am happy to run an intensive for your group – please get in touch at the email below and I will let you know the next steps. Minimum number – 10.

Student identification will be required to receive discount. Manual enrollment will be required so please email Natalie at in order to take up this offer.