About Us

If you are a teacher, Voice for Teachers is for you. It is a specially designed course to show you how to protect your voice for the entirety of your career through exercises that are simple to do. These exercises strengthen your vocal musculature and this leads to a stronger, more flexible voice that can see you through your whole career. You will also learn how to protect your voice in the case of infection.

A teacher’s voice is an often overlooked resource, until issues occur and as many teachers just soldier through, by the time they get help, more damage has been done. Voice for Teachers will help you avoid vocal damage in the first place.

Natalie Blank has trained as both an actor and a teacher.

During her first year of teaching she realised she had a great advantage over her colleagues. She could get through a term of teaching without losing her voice or getting a sore throat. After extensive research she discovered that vocal damage is an enormous problem in the education industry. This is not surprising as teachers use their voices all day to do their job. Natalie has created the Voice for Teachers course in order to help teachers learn to use their voices effectively in the classroom as well as how to protect their voices so they can have a long career doing what they love without causing damage that can drastically effect and even end their career.